Established companies which strove to become a leader in the inductive power electronics components merged to form Tech Power Electronics Group.

This merger turns the new company into the European leader in inductive power components while being reliable, fast and innovative on the market. By pooling expertise and fostering innovation, we offer solutions which meet our customers needs and innovative products to our markets.



Since 1970, the group has expanded by integrating several companies:

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Production locations: Germany, France, Romania, Tunisia, India, Hungary, Turkey
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Over the years, Tech Power Electronics has delivered high-value power electronic products to the most demanding sectors. Draw on its highly-skilled staff, expertise and secure processes, Tech Power Electronics has built strong relationship with customers by supplying innovative and sustainable solutions and services. From design, prototypes to series production, Tech Power Electronics is a reliable partner.

In a world undergoing changes, Tech Power Electronics has set up continuous improvement policies to offer its customers the most appropriate solutions to face tomorrow’s challenges. We are connected to the other members of the TechPower Electronics Group through a shared value system based on improving quality for our customers and partners. Together we can achieve more!


transparency. When required, we support customer projects along the entire production cycle: from the idea, consultation and detailed quotes to the development and creation of models, prototypes and batch production. In addition to manufacturing components to specific customer requirements, we provide as well inductors, transformers, power electronics, power supply units, SMPS units, linear actuators, HF transmitters, coils, high-end complete modules and assemblies.


To meet customers’ needs, we offer customised, innovative and high-quality products. MS Balti employs more than 150 people. The company was founded in 1997. Since then, our product range has been increasing continuously. Our close cooperation with Manfred Schmelzer GmbH enables us to offer innovative and advanced products. Our transformers are unique as they integrate our expertise and innovative solutions. Merging with Schwa-Medico GmbH enables our company to develop its product portfolio with industrial products dedicated to the electronics industry, access new markets and sustain its growth. With Tech Power Electronics Group, we aim to provide comprehensive and complete services to our customers and ensure the future of our company.
Deriving from our global expertise, we design and produce inductive components meeting the ever changing complex needs of our esteemed clients. With the backing of our group’s experience in global markets for over five decades spanning across industrial segments, we have the strengths to deliver performance driven quality products to suit the needs of the Indian and global markets.
Marschner Tech Power Electronics offers its long term experience in 50hz transformers encapsulated as well as transformers on with terminals up to 1000 VA for the Tech Power Electronics Group. We support customers for custom designed transformers, manufactiring and logistics for those products.
Company created in Medias Romania since 1989 by the Tech Power Electronics Group to offer a high quality and capacity for medium and High volume series for the group. Since, Romanelec has developed expertise level in Linear inductive components windings, electromagnet windings and assemblies, Manual motor (stator) windings for Aeronautics, as well as potting, impregnation, testing and assemblies. Today Romanelec employs 300 persons in Medias and is certified EN9100 (Aero) and ISO9001. Range of machines; Multi spindles linear winding, Single spindles machines, potting, welding, toroidal winding machines and dedicated workshops for aero motor windings.


Founded in 2001, TPE Romatronic specializes in the manufacture of PCBAs and the assembly of finished products. This provides customers with a complete solution.

An integrated production unit for linear and toroidal coils makes it possible to supply power components at a very competitive price.


Since 2006, the company has been producing high quality products with innovative design in Menzel Jemil – Bizerte, Tunisia. It shares all its expertise in the production of inductive components and systems with our customers to develop a strong and sustainable partnership based on trust and transparency.

The location Tunisia combines many advantages: Low manufacturing costs with excellent quality and short transit time to Germany and all over the world…


Since 2022, the logistics center of the Tech Power Electronics Group in Teningen has been established and successively developed. From here, raw materials are delivered to the sites. And of course we make sure that your TPEG products reach you safely and on time.

In addition, TPE Logistics takes care of central purchasing. The company thus maintains the high quality of our products and ensures an optimal price-performance ratio.

In this way, end customers benefit from our supply chain, which has been developed over many years.

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