Energy supply

The segment of products and service areas of the power utilities represents a core competence of the Tech Power Electronics Group in addition to the purely industrial application.

Thanks to our specialization and expertise in coils and transformers (transformers), transformers, converters (DC DC converters) and voltage converters as well as charge controllers of the highest quality, we have been able to become an integral partner and thus an integral part of our customers’ processes in the power supply industry. We are very proud of this.

Before electricity is fed into your socket, it has come a long way. Transformers and voltage converters are needed to convert high voltage current into our “household electricity”. Products for power transmission such as transformers are exposed to very high electrical as well as mechanical stresses, since they play an important role in power grids as the first and last link in the power transmission system.

They supply electrical energy to the consumer and also feed the decentralized electricity generated in the first transformation step into the power grid.

They have to withstand dynamic and thermal loads due to rapid load changes and perform frequent start-up impulses. We offer you and all our customers these and many other technical solutions (line filters, current sensors, charge controllers and coils) in the highest possible quality. The Tech Power Electronics Group manufactures robust and individually adaptable distribution transformers that not only operate reliably and safely under extreme conditions, but can also be perfectly adapted to the needs of industrial customers in the field of power supply.

With the expertise of five companies, the Tech Power Electronics Group is a strong and reliable partner. If you also have questions about our services, we would be very pleased to hear from you. Our competent team is at your disposal with our concentrated knowledge.

Inductive solutions for the production of green hydrogen

TPEG is a leading supplier of inductive components for the Power-to-X market and has extensive experience in the development and production of products that are crucial for green hydrogen production.
TPEG Power DC/DC Converters, for example, convert electrical energy from renewable energy sources into DC energy that can be used to store energy in hydrogen. In addition, TPEG offers a wide range of products, including Power Transformers, Chokes and Inductors, which have been specially developed to meet the requirements of the green hydrogen market.
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