In hardly any other field as aviation as one of the most fascinating developments of the 19th century, reliability and safety are as important as in aeronautical engineering.

However, the dream of flying could only become reality for everyone because innovative technologies made this possible.

In terms of safety, reliability and trouble-free operation, the aerospace and defense industry places extreme demands on products and solutions such as generators, voltage converters, transformers and a wide variety of electronic components such as converters, power supplies, transformers, filters and seonsors. Not only special standards have to be met, but also individual requirements and properties such as the weight of individual components play an important role.

The power supply on board an aircraft is provided by generators, voltage converters and transformers. Only with a reliable partner such as the Tech Power Electronics Group can it be guaranteed that the quality of the components always exceeds the performance requirements.

These components must always deliver full power at all times, so that safety is not compromised at any time. The Tech Power Electronics Group team guarantees you individual solutions with the highest level of quality. We ensure smooth processes even above the clouds.

With the expertise of five companies, the Tech Power Electronics Group is a strong and reliable partner. If you also have questions about our services, we would be very pleased to hear from you. Our competent team is at your disposal with our concentrated knowledge.