The products of the Tech Power Electronics Group are used in a wide range of applications by our customers in industry.

Transformers, special converters (e.g. DC-DC converters), coils, filters, charge controllers, power supply units and many other products from our company are used daily. These include the most diverse application environments, for example in mining, oil and gas production, steelworks and the chemical industry. In this way, we cover an important part of daily life and the technical developments of our time and actively participate in progress.

For many customers we produce individual solutions that are tailored exactly to their needs. Together with you, we would like to be challenged again and again to bring products suitable for everyday use in the best possible quality onto the market, to drive people forward and give them the opportunity to make a difference. The transformers (transformers), coils, filters, transformers and power supply units of the Tech Power Electronics Group for industrial applications are, for example, tailor-made for high-current solutions in industrial applications in which electricity is an essential resource.

Primarily, our products here combine processes with the power grid to supply electricity as a key resource for energy-intensive industrial applications. They must meet stringent requirements such as extreme operational reliability, maximum safety for nearby workers, and precision engineering that delivers top performance and outstanding efficiency in terms of cost and energy.

In addition to optimal technical design and compliance with strict quality standards for each type of application (line filters, current sensors, etc.), transformers, for example, must be specifically designed to deliver the required performance for very specific projects in very specific environments. For industrial environments, our solutions meet the highest standards of safety and sustainability. Their particularly robust construction resists dirt, gases, short-circuit forces and high magnetic fields. There is hardly any industry that does not use products from the Tech Power Electronics Group.

With the expertise of five companies, the Tech Power Electronics Group is a strong and reliable partner. If you also have questions about our services, we would be very pleased to hear from you. Our competent team is at your disposal with our concentrated knowledge.