Transport & Railroad

In the transport and railway sector, particularly high quality standards are applied to all technical and electronic components, since the trouble-free operation of a complete infrastructure is sometimes dependent on the reliability of many individual components.

Railway traffic in particular is one of the most important means of transport and traffic here, so that all the companies involved in it work with particularly great care and reliability.
The permanent, constant and also reliable supply of electricity to means of transport such as trains and railways is guaranteed not only by the energy suppliers but also by all associated instances.

The products and electronic components of the Tech Power Electronics Group such as generators, voltage converters, transformers, etc. support our customers worldwide thanks to their high reliability in this field and meet the highest demands and standards with regard to design and production.

Our product range from transformers and voltage transformers to power supplies, coils and current sensors is subject to continuous quality and functional testing. At the same time, we work as a team on ever new developments and technologies. Thus, our customers from the rail and transport sectors always have access to modern products that meet both qualitative and individual requirements at all times.

With the expertise of five companies, we unite in the Tech Power Electronics Group to form a strong and reliable partner. If you also have questions about our services, we would be very pleased to hear from you. Our competent team is at your disposal with our concentrated knowledge.