Quality Management


Quality is the result of dynamic processes. Quality always requires dialogue, understanding and action between the manufacturer and the customer.
The TPE Group lives and improves this communication. The provision of high-quality services and products takes place in a complex structure of structure, process and result variables. The quality development at TPE-Group is controlled in a goal-oriented manner.

By integrating value orientation, professionalism and legal requirements with the TPE Group, a holistic, verifiable and reliable quality of the services and products is guaranteed. With our outstanding quality and innovative power, we are able to develop products and solutions that differentiate us from the competition and open up worldwide business opportunities.

For further information please refer to our Quality Management Strategy Document


Tech Power Electronics Group with its more than 1.000 employees in 8 countries works together with people from different cultures, different skills and different points of view. But with one common goal: being successful together.

Since 17.05.2021 TPEG is official member of the UN Global Compact. Our strength and success is based on our close relationship to customers, suppliers and numerous organizations around the world. We are a global company and we understand what it means to act responsibly and with integrity.

For further information please refer to our Global Compact Document

Our Code of Conduct, established in 2017, defines clear ethical standards for our daily work and operations. This includes quality management, customer relationships, business integrity as well as corporate responsibility and workplace conduct. Our Code of Conduct defines rules and guidelines to support all of us with security and orientation in our daily business.

The Code of Conduct also communicates to our customers, suppliers and the public that we are a reliable partner that combines best products and services with a strong sense of responsibility. This Code of Conduct will become an integral part of our corporate culture in all countries.

We ask you as employee, customer, supplier and partner to understand your part as supporter to make sure that we will stay on course. Only by maintaining our integrity and high ethical standards at all times we can sustain our success over a long term.

Do you have questions or suggestions and ideas about our quality management?

Get in touch with us. We look forward to your input.