We are very happy to welcome Raed to our team!

He will support the logistics team and work in shipping. But it is not interesting what we have to say, but much more what he thinks about himself and his new job:

“I am Raed Aldaoud studied logistics in Jordan and completed my studies with an exchange semester in the south of Germany, my motivation here is embrace and experience new working culture and which is far from mine. And to link between theoretical and practical knowledge, build connections and learn more about German working culture and language. And to be in good hands under experts in my field of studies and learn from them especially that I am at the very beginning of my career and still have a lot in front of me to learn about.

Glad to have this position and the trust, and looking forward to put the best of my effort and learn to the max.”

We are very grateful to have a new committed employee and wish him all the best and much joy in his new environment.