TPEG – Inductive solutions for the energy transition

The energy transition is in full swing and poses major challenges for energy suppliers. The decentralised generation of electricity from renewable energy sources requires new solutions for the conversion, storage and distribution of energy.

TPEG is a leading supplier of transformers and electronic components for the energy transition. We have many years of experience in the development and production of products that meet the high demands of the energy industry.

TPEG products for the energy supply:

  • Transformers and voltage transformers: TPEG offers a wide range of transformers and voltage transformers for converting heavy current into household current. The products are designed for use in substations, power stations and wind turbines.
  • Power electronics: TPEG develops and produces power electronics for the control and regulation of energy systems. These include frequency converters, rectifiers and inverters.
  • Inductive components: TPEG offers inductive components such as chokes and coils for filtering and smoothing electricity. The products are used in photovoltaic systems, wind turbines and other energy systems.

TPEG – A partner for the energy transition

TPEG is a reliable partner for energy suppliers and companies involved in the energy transition. We offer a comprehensive portfolio of products and services that meet the requirements of the energy industry.

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