Securing the future with expertise and innovation

Small and medium-sized companies increasingly face the challenge of globalised markets and its associated competition. Innovative ideas are being sought now to meet these challenges with intelligent solutions.

We established the Techpower Electronics Group for this very reason. We are therefore well positioned to be able to react to market developments with symbiotic advantages that contribute to distinct progress in all corporate areas. Combining the individual skill areas of each of the group’s member companies represents the unlocking of huge potential and know-how.

Even more practical innovation

Innovative creativity has been multiplied by the formation of the Techpower Electronics Group. We now have a broader range of products and our portfolio in general has expanded. A shared technology centre serves as a market-leading, future-proof headquarters for all members of the group. This facility raises technical expertise to a new level so that even better and more functional products can be developed and produced in the future. Our group aims to proactively develop and fulfil customer needs.