Increased digitalisation also means an increase in the importance for electromagnetic compatibility – i.e. the capability of technical equipment not to interfere electromagnetically with other devices or environments. Against a background of statutory requirements and the far-reaching demands for unhindered functioning, EMC design is vital in any equipment.

Our experienced application engineers are available to support you in meeting this challenging task. Thanks to their extensive experience, they can provide solutions for specific customer needs and are happy to give practical advice.

When required, we are able to quickly develop filters for specific requirements and manufacture them as series products for our customers.

The following are examples of a multitude of other available filter products.


Line filters are effective in limiting electromagnetic interference produced, for example, by inverter drives. They are located in the electrical supply and…


Electromagnetic interference from components such as inverter drives can be effectively limited using radio interference filters – ideally installed at the supply…


Powerful output filters – positioned at inverter outputs – enable voltages approximating mains quality. Using precision coordi­nated magnetic materials enable a compact…